Let’s face it. Life can be complicated. Whether it’s career, relationships, family, or something else, it seems like there are always things that need to be addressed, managed or maintained. Sometimes that can feel overwhelming, leaving you feeling stuck, scared or even a bit helpless. We may feel off-balance in trying to manage ourselves, our relationships, our families and our external world. We tell ourselves we can figure things out on our own, thus bringing about feelings of anger, frustration and conflict.

At Alaska Brain and Spine, our focus is on helping you release those feelings of being overwhelmed, and move toward a more positive and fulfilling life. We believe by addressing the whole person, in looking at physical, emotional, and behavioral health, we can successfully guide you on a path to new discoveries and experiences that enhance your growth, add to your life, and provide you the opportunity to be the best version of you.

We understand that you are the expert of your own journey. Our goal is to serve as a beacon toward new discoveries and experiences that enhance your journey. At Alaska Brain and Spine, our dedicated counselors have fostered an environment of healing and growth while providing expert, effective and empathetic support. They will work with you to manage life transitions, acclimate to new situations and work through old patterns of behavior that may be limiting your potential for growth and personal excellence. They understand the human experience and treat every individual with the warmth, respect and compassion they deserve.

We are confident that no problem is too great to overcome, and with devout support and compassion, you can navigate this challenging time.