ABS-Diane Ruess

Diane Ruess - Pilates Instructor


Diane discovered Pilates in 2002, when she began taking mat classes and private lessons with Ann Turner Studio. Years of physical training and an active lifestyle kept her fit, but she was inspired by the strength, vitality and mental focus that she experienced through Pilates.

Her enthusiasm for the Pilates method prompted her to pursue professional training as a second career after retiring from the University of Alaska-Fairbanks. 

She earned preliminary certification in 2010 through Peak Pilates. Then, in 2012 she entered the True Pilates comprehensive training program at Seattle Pilates International Studio while apprenticing with Ann Turner, and completed her certification in 2014.  This program provided the additional opportunities to train with Romana's Pilates Senior Instructor Lauren Stephen, Romana's Pilates Master Instructor Trainer Roxanne Richards-Huang, and Romana's Pilates Grand Master Instructor Trainer Cynthia Lochard.  

Diane enjoys visiting Pilates studios when she travels and enhances her Pilates training through continuing education seminars. She leads an active life enjoying her dogs and the Alaskan outdoors. Her husband Roger is a professor of biology at UAF and is also an advocate for the strengthening, and rehabilitative value of the Pilates method.