We want to empower you to live the best life possible. 

At Alaska Brain and Spine, we respect the complexity and uniqueness of every patient that walks through our doors. Through in-depth comprehensive patient histories and highly detailed physical and neurological examinations, we strive to understand the root of physiologic dysfunction, whether it be neurological, musculoskeletal, psychological, or metabolic in nature. 

Through the utilization of rehabilitative, exercise and supplement prescriptions, diet and life-style management and education, we provide you the tools to take control of your health, your well-being and ultimately, your life. 

A 7 year study revealed - "patients enrolled in the chiropractic network experienced 60% fewer hospitalizations, 62% fewer outpatient surgical cases and 85% lower pharmaceutical costs" - Dynamic Chiropractic 

Did you know, chiropractors can be utilized as primary care providers?

As healthcare physicians, we refer to and manage complicated cases with all of your providers and/or other primary care physicians to offer the best comprehensive healthcare available.

4001 Geist Rd, Suite 12. Fairbanks, AK 99709. PH (907) 374-1981. FAX (907) 331-0440

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